Ninja Master Prep system

Ninja Master Prep QB1004 System Review

Ninja Master Prep system
These guys will come out of nowhere and make you a smoothie.

Slice and dice your way to smoothie heaven with the Ninja Master Prep System.

Even though the Ninja Master Prep system is not advertised for smoothie making, it’s still useful as a smoothie blender in addition to slicing almost anything in your house and leaving in a puff of smoke. Okay, maybe it doesn’t leave in a puff of smoke, but beware of the blowdarts.

He doesn't want to make you a smoothie
He doesn’t want to make you a smoothie

Pros:– Multi-layered blade system breaks down fruits and veggies fast

Cons: Blade design makes it difficult to put in larger produce pieces

When we first bought the Ninja Master Prep set, we didn’t intend to use it for juicing or healthy smoothies. Our house is full of cooks that like to chop, slice and dice everything. I love using the Ninja Master Prep system to speed up my lumpia making.

However, it turns out that the Ninja Master Prep system is just as adept for healthy living as it is for speeding up food processing.

If you need a multi-use blender for less than $100, this is the way to go.

How the Ninja Master Prep works

The Ninja Master Prep QB1004 system doesn’t work like a traditional blender. The power doesn’t come from a motor inside a heavy base. It only has a 450 watt motor but the Ninja Master Prep Professional System places the motor on top and uses it to drive a multi-layer, curved blade system.  That cuts out the middle man and gives you more chopping power because it’s slicing at many levels. That also makes the Ninja excellent for crushing smoothie mixes with ice. It’s like it doesn’t differentiate among the density levels of what’s in the pitcher. If it’s in it, it’s gonna die.

I don’t think I’ve met a more powerful motor design, either. It literally takes a pulse of the finger to watch produce go from something to smoothie texture in a handful of seconds. I’ve even run ground beef in my Ninja Master Prep and turned it into almost a paste, hence my primary use for it as a lumpia maker. Best of all? It cuts up frozen fruit! Not even your previously-dead fruit is safe.

The downside to the blade design on the Ninja Master Prep is that you will have to cut your produce pieces a little smaller to get them inside the pitcher. The blades are thin, but the layers of blades do go almost from end to end of the pitcher’s width. If you can get the blade secured on its pivot point at the pitcher bottom and cut your produce into smaller pieces, you have to do a little shaking to get everything to fit in. That really only adds maybe a minute to your pre-prep time, but it’s a minute well worth it.

I would also keep the Ninja Master Prep away from young kids. The pulse is powerful and those blades are pretty sharp. We’ve had ours for a year and, with no maintenance, it still cuts like crazy.

Juicing or Smoothies with the Ninja Master Prep?

I recommend the Ninja Master Prep system for smoothies, especially if you plan on serving four to six people. After pre-prep, it’s one of the fastest blenders out there.

Also, since adults are going to be using the machine, your Ninja Master Prep also puts out a good cocktail, as this lady demonstrates on YouTube:

Hey, at least she put fruit in it!

You CAN use it for juicing every once in a while since it breaks produce down to almost nothing, but expect to press your pulp through a sieve and make sure you add some liquid. If you want a Ninja product that’s more advantageous to juicing, step up to the Ninja BL 660 Professional Blender. But if you are going to do smoothies, food prep and the occasional cocktail or juice, I highly recommend the Ninja Master Prep system. The Ninja Master Prep system is available at Amazon and other retail stores.

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